Cromer crab recipes: Your top tips and tricks

Step-by-step guide to dressing a crab. Finished crab.

Step-by-step guide to dressing a crab. Finished crab. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY


Our chief reporter Stuart Anderson is a bit far from his native home; Australia.

Having become part of the Enjoy Cromer More team, Stuart set out to taste the local delicacies, which of course led him to Cromer crab.

But unsure of the best way to prepare Cromer crab, we asked the community for their top tips and recipes for the local cuisine.

Wayne Lee Grand said: “Eat it like it is. You spoil a crab in a recipe.”

Emma Vigor: “Bread and butter. No recipe required.”

Steve Staddon wrote: “Scoop out the meat, put into a bowl, add lime juice! Little melted butter, small finely chopped onion, chopped chives and a finely chopped red chilli!

“Put back into the shell , , a little salt and fresh cracked black pepper sprinkle with bread crumbs and bake in oven roughly 20 mins!

“Serve with salad and a nice glass of cold white wine. Heaven on a plate.”

Frances Clipsom wrote: “Eat it as it is and wash it down with a Guinness.”

Sharon Jones said: “No recipe needed just eat with brown bread and butter.”

Nick Day wrote: “Stick a salad on the plate beside the dressed crab & eat, simple as that no poncing around with fancy dressings or sauce.”

Sue Davies: “Don’t add anything! Eat and enjoy.”

Rose Ely wrote: “Eat a crab with brown bread and butter a little pepper and vinegar if you require...”

Darren Turner wrote: “All you need is two slices of white bread and salted butter. Job done.”

Sue Dyke: “Eat it just as it is - no need to add anything.”

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