Watch video highlights from this year’s Cromer Carnival

PUBLISHED: 20:29 18 August 2018 | UPDATED: 21:03 18 August 2018

Cromer Carnival 2018. Photograph: Keith Simpson.

Cromer Carnival 2018. Photograph: Keith Simpson.

This year’s carnival has come to a close with tens of thousands flocking to the town over the past week to join in the celebrations.

Here at Enjoy Cromer More we want to know what your favourite moments of this year’s event have been. We put the question to members of our Facebook group and here’s a selection of their answers.

Natasha Watts Fireworks! They were the best I have seen for a long time!

David Pull I always enjoy the fireworks!

Megan Smith I enjoyed the parade and the fireworks

Caroline Lake Our granddaughter in the parade

Ian Thwaites Bloodshake Chorus and The Red Arrows and The Parade - in fact all of it!!!

Samantha Annison My son being this year’s carnival Prince followed by the Red Arrows

Brian Weston Carnival floats on Wednesday.

Jo Oules Everything but I did enjoy the steel band... great talent!

Suzanne Neale Our little girl being princess and our boys being on the dance float... the happiness on their faces is priceless.

Karen Kitchener Definitely the steel band, closely followed by the Red Arrows

David Rowley Car boot on Saturday and the classic cars on Sunday!!

Jackie Jackson The singer that was in the tent on Sunday afternoon can’t remember his name but he was brilliant hope he’s on next year

Daniel Jas The Red Arrows

Ann Fowler Our grandchildren on a float.

Jimmy Davies Spending time with my family

Diane Beaver The Red Arrows, Carnival procession, spending time with family and the friendly atmosphere!

Valerie Mccampling The amazing work that goes into making the carnival work and all the people that work behind the scenes to make Cromer proud

Ant Thfc Bates Bagpipes in the parade... beautiful

Lynn Oinn Red Arrows, carnival procession, seeing the joy on people’s faces, loved it all. Thank you Tony Shipp and team and his amazing team.

Alexandra Webb-Hannah I always love Family Tuesday with my little girl

Anita Bullen Red Arrows & being in carnival parade with son’s martial art academy

David Brucass Everything!! Our first Carnival since moving to Cromer (we have never been able to visit before in August). It was fantastic, well done everyone!!

Sue Davies My 3 year old granddaughter taking herself up onto the stage at the family fun night... she wasn’t going to wait to be asked and played the game beautifully!

Watch our video highlights on the Enjoy Cromer More website and share your photographs, videos and memories on our Facebook group.

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