We asked our members: What does Cromer need?

Sunset over one of Norfolk's historic attractions...Cromer Pier, had waited the best part of a year to capture this scene, safe to say I will be back in the future!

Sunset over one of Norfolk's historic attractions...Cromer Pier, had waited the best part of a year to capture this scene, safe to say I will be back in the future!

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Cromer has a lot to offer when it comes to what we do well: fantastic independent food and drink outlets, beautiful beaches and a roaring tourist trade.

However as the town moves forward, we asked our Enjoy Cromer More members what they thought the town could benefit from having, be it a club, a new restaurant, or even a new transport link.

Here’s what they said:

A Youth Club:

Natasha Tashii Watts wrote: “A youth club like a Friday or Saturday club!”

Jasmine Thurtell agreed: “A youth club.”

Emily Halliday suggested: “Something for the children and teens maybe the bouncers site would be good something like stompers and a disco for youngsters above.”

Something sporty:

Paul Jones wrote: “A decent crazy golf like the ones in Mundesley and Yarmouth. Reopen the Putting Green at North Lodge Park....am not sure but could it be done on a similar basis to the excellent cafe that has been opened and run by the community...”

Samantha Annison responded: “We “The Friends of North Lodge Park have tried to get a putting green re-opened but haven’t been able to due to the rules & regulations and resource required. If anyone else is interested in running it then please contact NNDC. Might be worth a try.”

Ronnie Nimmo: “An indoor skating rink - good fun for kids and adults.”

Some new shops and restaurants:

Ness Jay Cooper: “Holland and Barrett, a community centre, a large swimming pool and modern gym.”

Lisa Shearing wrote: “ Health food shop/vegetarian deli”

Rachel Hartgrove-Hewitt: “Wine / cocktail bar.”

Nicholas Bassett ageed: “Wine bar and a real pizza restaurant.”

Christine Wells: “A decent shoe shop and a nice Italian Restaurant.”

Leon Alexander Walder wrote: “Someone above mentioned a wine bar. A nice nibbly tapas style food with a great choice of good wines, prosecco and champagnes... quirky decor, candles in chianti bottles on tables, smart service and some jazz/classical/ soul music... a nice cheese board and some homemade deli treats...”

Sam Barham: “A guitar shop and a CD shop like hmv or an independent one.”

Peter Jones: “How about properly refurbish the Station - it was really good as Buffers how about a good cafe called End of the Line...”

Cathy Stern added: “I agree with previous postings that a decent Italian restaurant is one of the few opportunities yet to be realised in North Norfolk, and why not in Cromer?”

Something fun for younger kids:

Adele Boon: “Would be great to have something like Farmer Fred’s near Hunstanton (heacham lavender fields) they have done that very, very well and it’s always busy winter as well would bring good trade during the colder months to Cromer!”

Nicholas John Batty: “Something like Sheringham’s Tyneside Club would be good.”

Kerry Alt Barker added: “Indoor soft play for kiddies.”

Emma Jane Peck wanted something for everyone: “Definitely a soft play for the kiddies, a nice pub with a dance floor.”

Chloe Krasowski: “A family pub its a holiday town i feel like we should have a family entertainment bar for families.”

And some truly original ideas;

Gary Duniam wrote: “What about a weatherproof Bandstand in North lodge park?”

Paul C James suggested: “‘The Knowledge Bank’ housed in the old Barclays Bank. A place to learn how to get things fixed, or to be fixed, by skilled folk, with up cycling classes for all, and an opportunity to buy upcycled things for a modest price. A place to go to learn new skills. Vote now for ‘The Knowledge bank’ to open in Cromer. Where young and old can teach each other.”

Christine Lewis: “We need more free parking for disabled parking please.”

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