Memories of Shewell’s Chemist in Cromer: coloured bottles in the window and a true gentleman of an owner

PUBLISHED: 09:31 25 April 2018 | UPDATED: 09:31 25 April 2018

Shewell Chemist's sign in Cromer. Picture: Sam Barham

Shewell Chemist's sign in Cromer. Picture: Sam Barham

Sam Barham

This week our Enjoy Cromer More members have been sharing their memories of the former Shewell’s Chemist which used to reside in Church Street, Cromer.

Sam Barham is a member of the group, and posted a picture of the building, asking for people’s memories.

Steve Francis said: “The large coloured bottles in the window.”

Sue Davies: “It was the only chemist I remember when I was young... seem to recall lots of lovely old glass bottles/jars.”

Maxine Bright: “Derek Paul and Mandy Gaff lovely people.”

Louise Cox: “The vitamin C, oblong coloured lollies in a jar.”

Mark Hedge: “I was going to say the jar of lollies.”

Patricia Youngs: “My Dad and summer job when growing up.”

Emma Vigor: “Lovely scholl clogs.”

She added: “Or was that when it was Savoury and Moore?”

Rose Ely: “The coloured glass bottles and the super service every time.”

Julie Ann Davies: “Mr Bonnett. Lovely man.”

Angie Fitch-Tillett: “I could never forget Mr Shewell and Derek Paul, both lovely gentlemen.”

Chris Grief: “The lollipops.”

John Hedge said: “Definitely Mr Bonnett, he used to check with the surgery before he closed to see if there were any more prescriptions likely to go down. Very rare for him to close on time, wouldn’t get that service now. And yes those lovely coloured bottles in the window. Remember Snellings Chemist next door to what was the Youth Club, another massive loss for Cromer youth.”

Freda Laurence: “Used it a lot And Mr Bonnett.”

Jill Hanlon: “Mr Bonnett and Derek who sold me my first camera when I was 16, lovely memories.”

Kevin Abbs: “Hugh Shewell - a perfect gentleman.”

Fiona Craske: “I worked there on Saturdays and holiday time from the age of 14. Loved Mr Bonnett, Derek Paul, Beryl Aldous, Jean Hubbard.”

Ben Haughan: “I worked there as well. Prescription delivery boy! Mr Bonnet, Derek, Shiela, Stella, Ann, Debbie and Lynne apologies if I missed anyone.”

Sam Attew: “I used to buy my sun in from there.”

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