Q and A: Our reporter moving on, Ellie Pringle

Ellie Pringle with her hero, David Bale. Picture: Archant

Ellie Pringle with her hero, David Bale. Picture: Archant


Ahead of her move back to the Norwich office, leaving the North Norfolk News team, we speak to our reporter Ellie Pringle, 23.

How would you best describe what you do in Cromer?

I’m a reporter for the Eastern Daily Press’ district paper, the North Norfolk News. I also do a lot of work on our new site Enjoy Cromer More.

Where is home?

Nottingham originally, but now Norwich! It’s quite a commute to get to work but I’ve grown begrudgingly fond of the freezing train journeys and all the pheasants you see.

What’s your earliest Cromer memory?

The first day I started at this office our former editor got stuck in traffic, so I went for a wander as I didn’t have an office key. There were kids crabbing off the Pier and retired couples having a breakfast roll on the promenade benches, and I thought how lucky they were.

Where is your favourite Cromer pub?

Can I have a café instead? Can’t drink on the job! If so, Huckleberries. Our whole team are obsessed with their bacon sandwiches.

Which shops do you rely on?

Lizzie’s fruit and veg, and Sue Ryder. Half of my flat is decorated in DIY projects with bits I’ve found in that charity shop.

What’s the best meal you’ve had in Cromer?

More for the memory than the food (though that was also great), but having a full English breakfast in Breakers a few days before Christmas. There was snow coming down but people were still getting their Mary Jane’s in takeaway boxes and walking down to the prom.

If you could buy any building in Cromer, what would it be?

The Old Bathhouse, for sure. It’s a gorgeous building. I’d rent it out really cheaply to an aspiring local business man or woman that needed a lucky break.

What would you do if you were mayor for the day?

Use my mayoral prerogative to demand to help feed the Melbourne Hill goats, and race in the Soapbox Derby, amazing fun.

Who’s your hero?

David Bale.

What do you love most about Cromer?

I’m not just saying this because they’ll read it- but my team here. They’re second to none.

For Cromer itself, being by the sea. I don’t think many people have the option of eating their lunch with their toes in the sand, and I’ll really miss it.

Oh! And the dogs. The selection of friendly dogs to pet is outstanding.

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