Enjoy Cromer More members show their support for return of Birdman competition

PUBLISHED: 10:01 22 January 2018 | UPDATED: 10:01 22 January 2018

The Birdman competition in Cromer, 1990. Picture: Archant

The Birdman competition in Cromer, 1990. Picture: Archant


Our Enjoy Cromer More Facebook group was alight with conversation after a nostalgic picture of the notorious Cromer Birdman competition in 1990 was posted on the page.

Members of the community reminisced about watching residents pitch themselves from the end of the Pier, armed with makeshift wings, in an attempt to fly 50 metres over the sea.

The charity fundraiser’s proceeds went to the local RNLI, and the winner won an £1,000 prize.

However the event was forced to close soon after due to the insurance cover being estimated to cost millions.

Leona Gard wrote: “Went off twice! My dad used to organise it!”

Rosie Prockter said: “Should bring it back.”

Leona explained: “My dad looked into continuing it but the liability was through the roof! Unfortunately the council told us we couldn’t use their cover and that’s why it was stopped! Shame as it raised a lot of money for the RNLI and was such good fun!”

Andreas Yiasimi added: “Yes, it was brilliant My dear friend Keith Broom took to the sky for Hospital Radio Cromer, as we knew it then.”

Ricky Tommy Ossitt wrote: “They should do it again! With people on guard for the safety of contestants shouldn’t be too hard to get away with.”

Leo Shavers said: “Brilliant... Bring it back!”

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