Enjoy Cromer More’s debate: Should the town stay independent or will it lose business?

An aerial photograph of Cromer pier. Picture: John Fielding

An aerial photograph of Cromer pier. Picture: John Fielding


A debate about Cromer’s retail identity has sparked on the Enjoy Cromer More facebook page, after a picture of former Burger King staff was published to the group.

Cromer currently operates an entirely independent food and drink market, which is set to change when Costa coffee comes to town.

However this has not always been the case, as Burger King operated in the town in the 1990s.

Since then ECM members have debated whether or not the town should be kept independent, or if more chains should move in.

David Ash wrote: “Yes let’s bring in all off the multinational chains, get rid of the quirky independents and the Cromer will be just like every other boring town. Why?”

Glynis Feist agreed, saying: “Who wants to live in a boring town? I think was a totally wrong move.”

However some people argued Cromer needed to modernise to keep tourists interested.

Phil Ward wrote: “I’ve made Cromer my home over the last 2 years, it’s a great place, however, to continue to bring in tourism for the next few decades it needs to modernise, otherwise future generations will not have what they want from a seaside town.

“Cromer needs tourism to survive, without it there will be no real income.”

“You’ve got to cater for the townies who visit, they expect multi national chains. If Cromer stands still it will die, it has to move with the times. There’s more than one generation of people who visit and you have to cater for them all.”

Some people argued that Cromer doesn’t need multinationals to keep tourists coming back.

Tracey Khalil added: “Cromer has changed significantly and many businesses have and do want to invest. It is not downtrodden nor is it dying.

“There are so many elements that will keep tourist coming and attract locals to use it as their town for everyday living and their social. Ease of access, parking, shop choice, down time activities, appearance, welcoming, and so much more.

“Honestly do you think these multinationals would be choosing us if they thought we were “dying”? No of course not. I can be pretty certain however that if we don’t keep a balance between independent interesting and nationals, we will become a boring to the tourist same as every other high street and the big boys will pull out, leaving great big holes in the high street, as essentially they don’t give two hoots about the community and success of the town just themselves.”

Jane Davis said: “I believe people come here because it IS different. There are many other seaside resorts with a larger proportion of national chain provision and a ‘modern’ approach.”

John Graham wrote: “The east side of cromer has no empty shops despite the lack of promotion from the district council, and cromer as a whole is bucking the national trend of shops closing. it is a great town and it should stay so.”

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