Cromer memories of snowmageddon range from a Royal visit to irate army officers

PUBLISHED: 15:15 02 March 2018 | UPDATED: 16:30 02 March 2018

The arrival of snow in Cromer at the end of February. Picture: David Bale.

The arrival of snow in Cromer at the end of February. Picture: David Bale.

The Beast from the East’s grip on Cromer appears to be loosening as shops begin to cautiously reopen despite the freezing temperatures.

And although this is some of the most severe weather we’ve seen in north Norfolk for a numer of years, many member of our Enjoy Cromer More Facebook Group couldn’t help compare it to the town’s previous major snow storms.

Sharing their stories with the group, members discussed the worst cold snaps the town has ever seen.

Sue Davies said: “In 1987ish I walked through the back lanes from Cromer to East Runton. The snow had drifted so much we were walking on top of the drifts above the hedges!”

Gill Eyre replied: “I got trapped at work for a week in ‘87! Also remember even bigger snow drifts through those lanes in ‘81.”

Sue Davies added: “It was magical, walked there with my 5 year old son and our black Labrador, felt I was walking on top of the world!”

Andrea Heslin wrote: “1987 or 88 I think; drifting was really bad and our Dad built a sled run from the back shed to the front fence. It started on the shed roof, he’d water it to make it icier and faster.”

Ricky Tommy Ossitt said: “Yeah apparently 1987 end of Jan, when I was going to make an appearance, they nearly air lifted my mum to hospital because it was so bad!”

Peter Jones wrote: “In 1968 or 1969 we had snow and ice on the beach at Cromer during the Christmas holidays.”

Peter Gatland said: “1963 was bad, and it lasted from January through to March...”

Tina Hickling said: “1987 was the year we couldn’t get from Worstead to Northrepps for 4 weeks because of the drifts!”

Duncan Abel said: “I remember 1987 being bad, didn’t Mundesley get cut off for a couple of days?”

Colin Muirhead said: “1940 was bad and weeks long, but my memory as an 8yo has faded just a bit, likewise, 1947 railway to North Walsham was blocked hence no school for some time. Transport problems had different causes to nowadays, but same effect!”

James Edghill said: “Yes in 1987 I cleared all the snowdrifts to Felbrigg Hall so Prince Charles could get to the Hall.

“I did this with a Matbro Forklift converted with thick Ply Board in place of the forks.

“Had to clear the snow by 12 midday, all done by 11.50am. Pulled into the side of the road to let the Prince come by, as I made my way back to Bullens on Central Road.”

Sandie Gregory wrote: “I well remember 1987, I was here from Hertfordshire, house hunting to move here, and had to stay at a b&b as I was snowed in.

“Couldn’t get past Aylsham, my husband was home with 3 children.”

Sarah Bindley wrote: “Suffield park 87/88; winter snow drifts along Northrepps Road, Station Road blocked. Couldn’t get any cars out of park. Was heavily pregnant, was not nice waking in 10 inch of snow to the doctors.

“Also winter of 90, Felbrigg got cut off. Had to walk over fields to shop. No electricity for 5 days. Thank god for coal fires.”

Kev Green wrote: “That weather nearly caused me to spend a few days in the “glass house.”

“Had driven my boss up to RAF Coltishall from Hullavington in Wiltshire for a meeting. I dropped him at the Sgts mess and he said it was ok to pop home to say hi to mum and dad on Links Avenue.

“Well, it snowed and I got stuck for 3 days... He went mad saying I didn’t try hard enough to get out of town...

“Admittedly I was driving a long wheel base RAF Landover but honestly it just wouldn’t make it up Station Road... He wanted me charged for being AWOL!”

James Simmons said: “I was in the army on leave and remember walking from Sheringham to Weybourne with my Dad to feed our horses.

“We went up to our chest in snow at times and even some bungalows were drifted over. They had the farmers out trying to plough the roads.

“We did get a lift back with a crazy man by the name of Berry Savoury. We did bounce side to side and a couple of times flew through the air when we hit lumps of snow or ice.”

• Share your memories of past snow storms in Cromer on our Enjoy Cromer More Facebook group.

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