Mayor encourages town to clap for NHS one last time

PUBLISHED: 08:53 05 July 2020 | UPDATED: 10:55 05 July 2020

Mayor of Cromer, Richard Leeds.  Photo: HUBBA ROBERTS

Mayor of Cromer, Richard Leeds. Photo: HUBBA ROBERTS

Hubba Roberts

The mayor of a seaside town is encouraging residents to applaud pandemic heroes to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the NHS.

Cromer Town Council has arranged for the NHS Flag to be flown at North Lodge to commemorate the anniversary of the NHS.

Richard Leeds, mayor of Cromer, is also encouraging people to applaud at 5pm on Sunday, July 5 to thank those who helped the county through the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “Today on raising this flag to celebrate 72nd birthday of the NHS, it is with special thanks not only to the extraordinary deeds undertaken by the doctors, nurses and ancillary staff of our local hospitals, but also the local doctors and staff of our surgeries, the staff of the pharmacies in the area, the ambulance crews, backroom coordinators and the home care visitors and helpers.

“Also, a great call out to our Cromer Carers and befrienders who have started from nothing and have successfully maintained a great service to the whole area.”

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