Can you put Cromer back together again? Give these online jigsaws a spin

PUBLISHED: 15:09 30 July 2018 | UPDATED: 15:09 30 July 2018

A Cromer jigsaw. Picture: www.jigsawplanet.com

A Cromer jigsaw. Picture: www.jigsawplanet.com


Who doesn’t love a good jigsaw?

Personally, I relish pouring out dozens of disjoined squares onto a table top - ready for the delicious challenge of slowly identifying what goes where.

As a scene gradually emerges, the game becomes both faster and somehow more frustrating as you race towards the end and the completion of your picture.

And now, everyone who loves Cromer can indulge their passion for puzzles without leaving the comfort of their computer.

A website called jigsawplanet.com has assembled a huge collection of jigsaws you can do online, and among them are a couple featuring the famous Gem of the North Norfolk Coast.

Embedded on this page are a few for you to try out. Let us know how you go on the Enjoy Cromer More Facebook page and remember, don’t give up!

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