What’s Cromer’s favourite pet?

PUBLISHED: 11:31 13 April 2018 | UPDATED: 11:40 13 April 2018

This spaniel has his ears on backwards! Picture: Sarah Lawrence

This spaniel has his ears on backwards! Picture: Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence

Ever since the team at Enjoy Cromer More asked members for their furry friends, we’ve been inundated with pictures of four-legged residents!

So we thought we’d share some more of your pictures as well as asking you; what’s your favourite pet?

Whether it’s having a dog to chase sticks on the beach or a cat to come home too after an ice cream on the Pier. we’re asking you to pick your favourite.

And if your dream pet isn’t on the list, why not tell us in the comments below what you’d like?

Keep the pictures coming, and remember to keep an eye out for your animals in the galleries to come!

Pickle. Pictuere: Jackie Jax RivettPickle. Pictuere: Jackie Jax Rivett

Bailey. Picture: Alison EwbankBailey. Picture: Alison Ewbank

Bailey. Picture: Anita BullenBailey. Picture: Anita Bullen

Charlie. Picture: JoTaylor JasonLawrenceCharlie. Picture: JoTaylor JasonLawrence

Holly. Picture: JoTaylor JasonLawrenceHolly. Picture: JoTaylor JasonLawrence

Two window watchers. Picture: Mel SetonTwo window watchers. Picture: Mel Seton

Archie and Stan. Picture: Kathryn Canty-DigginsArchie and Stan. Picture: Kathryn Canty-Diggins

Winston. Picture: Gemma SianWinston. Picture: Gemma Sian

Lola. Picture: Gemma SianLola. Picture: Gemma Sian

Buster. Picture: JoTaylor JasonLawrenceBuster. Picture: JoTaylor JasonLawrence

Elvis. Picture: JoTaylor JasonLawrenceElvis. Picture: JoTaylor JasonLawrence

Reggie having a nap. Picture: Leanne DawsonReggie having a nap. Picture: Leanne Dawson

Charley in Overstrand. Picture: Lynn PadmoreCharley in Overstrand. Picture: Lynn Padmore

Lola the Dachsund. Picture: Amanda CulleyLola the Dachsund. Picture: Amanda Culley

Erik. Picture: Rosemary GoodallErik. Picture: Rosemary Goodall

Ellie has been helping in the garden. Picture: Jonathan LitsonEllie has been helping in the garden. Picture: Jonathan Litson

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