Reader’s responses: What’s your first memory of Cromer?

Cromer Christmas light switch on, 13th December 1979. Photo: Archant Library

Cromer Christmas light switch on, 13th December 1979. Photo: Archant Library

Archant Library

Cromer is a town full of memories for residents and visitors alike.

With many events steeped in tradition, we see the same faces year in year out enjoying the delights of the gem of the Norfolk coast.

We asked the members of our facebook group what their first memories of Cromer are, here’s what they had to say:

• Frank H Muirhead: About 1940 living at 6 Station Road, Suffield Park watching a Spitfire chasing a German plane firing at it with bullets going into the house opposite’s wall. Getting my head banged as Mum pushed us into the shelter.

• Marg Kirkham: Being a little girl of 2yrs old and running along the promenade and cutting my forehead every Sunday, Mum and Dad had to take me to the St John’s ambulance hut every week, that was a long time ago.

• Pamela Jacob: Watching my Dad and my sister at the top of the lighthouse - circa 1963.

• Sally Watts: Cromer Infants School when it was in the town. Standing in the big hall get checked over and jabbed. That would have been back in the early 1960’s.

• Peter Jones: Also Cromer Infants...petrified I was... Only went for 3 months in 1963/4 I think then we moved to the Midlands.

• Jean Robertson: Running along the promenade to get in the queue for a ride on the mechanical elephant!

• Maureen Niemi: Weekly skating at the roller rink. I think the owners name was Mr Troller.

• Sue Turner: Aged 10 in 1970, staying at The Mayfair Hotel on Cabbell Rd every year at least twice. Grew up with the Grier family who ran it. Happy days.

• Tina Hickling: Eating shrimps at the top of the Melbourne slope, 1956.

• Gill Osborne: Eating pies on the beach from Harrison’s then chips from Mary Janes.

• Lia Hurst: 1976 - going to Mrs Fieldhouse’s on Norwich road to learn Pitmans shorthand!

• Sonia Besley: Our caravan on the site near the lighthouse.. Thunderstorms and the long haul up from the beach to Happy Valley and the lighthouse and down again to the caravan. My Mother encouraging us all the way after a long wonderful day on the beach.

• Samantha Annison: Moving into the police house on Lynewood Road with special memories of the other families living on the same road.

• Carole Armiger: Getting the train to Cromer from North Walsham with my Mum when we were kids to see the carnival. During the early 1960s. It was always beautiful weather so we spent time on the beach too.

• Fiona Craske: Staying at Pugh cottage in 1960 . The Pugh twins used to move out and we moved in . Also cromer carnival in the 60s.

• Leona Gard: Our first visit in late 1988 to view the Wellington for the first time with my mum and Dad! Being blown down the pier when the amusement arcade was still in the middle, on a cold, wet and blustery day!

• Lynne Thelwall: October 2014 - getting off the coach in front of the parish church for a day out. August 2015 - my second coach trip and realising I really liked Cromer and wanted to stay for longer which I did in November 2015, the first of several stays now and I think about Cromer all the time. I repeat, all the time.

• Suzanne Neale: Driving down the Norwich Road, as a small child, and being excited to see the sea. We only lived in North Walsham but were always disappointed if it was cloudy.

• Jacky Regis: I have so many being born in Cromer but one of my fondest memories is walking to my grannies at Newhaven Court Hotel on Christmas morning when I was about 5 (1958) with my dad in the snow in my new pig skin boots.

• Andreas Yiasimi: We had a meal at Meadow Cottage in East Runton in 1980, tasted Cromer crab and bought the restaurant. We changed the name to Constantia Cottage Restaurant and moved in. We fell in love with beautiful Cromer and North Norfolk in general. Driving down Norwich Road on that first day, the North sea sparkled at sunrise and filled my heart with joyous inspiration.

• Emma Vigor: Making ‘soup’ in the kitchen of the octopus tree in the Warren woods. Walking the dogs on happy valley with my mum. Rollerskating along Grove Road. Digging up dad’s potatoes, chopping them up on top of the coal bunker and mixing them with mud gravy. Holding mum’s hand while I walked on the hospital or the church wall. Being terrified of the Henry Blogg statue. Hearing the claxon when the lifeboat went out and rushing to see it. Finding my future husbands tortoise walking along the overstrand road!

• Colin Muirhead: As a toddler being taken by my Grandfather Christmas (really,) to collect milk from the local farmers, this would have been about 1934.

• David Rowley: The kindness of the Cromer people,

• Margaret Bushell: Living in Corner Street where Henry Blogg was our neighbour and they shoed horses in the Old Forge across the road. (Circa 1946-48)

• Kev Green: Living above the paper shop known as Gracie’s (although she didn’t own it!) on Mill road at the dairy bus stop! No loo inside and a shed full of papers every morning that mum used to help sort. Circa 1962/3

• Penny Elwood: Amusements on cromer pier, the laughing policeman, and the humpty dumpty see saw, mushroom factory the coal merchants by railway. So many more memories.

• Natasha Tashii Watts: Being in the carnival when I was about 9/10.

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