Showing some love for Cromer: ECM members celebrate their adoration of the town

PUBLISHED: 14:22 14 February 2018 | UPDATED: 14:22 14 February 2018

Cromer's annual fireworks display in 2011. Photograph: COLIN FINCH

Cromer's annual fireworks display in 2011. Photograph: COLIN FINCH


Members of the Enjoy Cromer More group have proved this week why the venture has been such a success: they truly just want to celebrate their favourite place.

Following ongoing discussions about topics dividing the community, one member took to the facebook group to remind everyone that they can all enjoy Cromer more.

Katy Stevens posted: “Is there nothing else to talk about that goes on in Cromer? The glorious beach, the pier, the church, the boating lake, the golf courses, carnivals, there are so many things you could actually talk about that are worth talking about and what makes Cromer great!

“Stop complaining and talking about what you don’t like and start rejoicing about what we are lucky enough to have!”

Su Scales added: “We visit Cromer every year. Such a beautiful place. So many lovely places to mention.”

Dave Harrison wrote: “Nothing like Cromer crab. I’m here in Florida for 3 months all they have here is lump crab and you have to make crab cakes. Nothing like Cromer crab.”

Leighanne Moseley wrote: “Fish and chips on the pier, a pint or 20 in the Welly bear garden, swimming and sand castles on the beach. Carnival....bring on summer!”
Jules Pyke wrote: “From an outsider. Pardon me. My father in law was from Cromer and my wife spent summers with her grandma in Cromer. I love Cromer and love coming to Cromer as we now live in Stowmarket.”

Beverley Archer wrote: “I love Cromer in my eyes there is no better place no matter what.”

Julie Cole: “We love Cromer so much we moved here.”

Julie Ann Davies: “Wouldn`t want to live anywhere else.”

Sue Davies: “I have never nor would I ever want to live anywhere else.”

Rosalyn Clipstone: “First went to cromer with my boyfriend when i was 14 it was his favourite place to go on holiday. We married and have returned multiple times every single year for the past 36 years.”

Helen Phillip-Pritchard said: “I feel so very lucky to live here, but my children were the luckiest to be brought up here. Its so safe, clean and perfect for young families and us older people too.”

David Rowley: “Me too! I love my life in Cromer. Don’t want to be anywhere else.”

Graham Walters added: “We do have a lovely butchers in Hines.”

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