Bulgarian tradition marks the beginning of spring in Cromer

PUBLISHED: 09:14 22 March 2018 | UPDATED: 09:15 22 March 2018

Martenitsa in Cromer. Picture: Tabi Farrow.

Martenitsa in Cromer. Picture: Tabi Farrow.

Tabi Farrow.

A Bulgarian tradition to welcome in the spring has made its way to the streets of Cromer.

An ECM member shared a picture to the group of red and white braids and threads tied to a blossoming bush in Overstrand Road.

Luckily a fellow member of the group, Trev Craddock, knew exactly what the yarns symbolised.

He wrote: “It is a Bulgarian tradition. The red and white ribbons are Martenitsa.”

The yarn threads are given by Bulgarian people to their loved ones on March 1, and it is believed the ritual will bring happiness and good fortune.

Martenitsa is always given as a gift, and cannot be thrown away until the recipient sees a stork or a sparrow.

Instead of throwing the yarns away, some people choose to tie them to a blossoming bush.

This tradition is based around the fact that the beginning of March marks the start of spring.

In the Bulgarian collective memory, March is female, old, and brings small presents.

They call March Baba Marta, a lady who chases away cold February and invites spring in.

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