10 places you can visit to enjoy Cromer more

PUBLISHED: 13:36 30 October 2017 | UPDATED: 10:04 25 January 2018

Cromer Beach. Photograph: Matthew Clayton/Citizenside.com

Cromer Beach. Photograph: Matthew Clayton/Citizenside.com

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Cromer is full of exciting attractions and various entertainment that is sure to delight the whole family. We’ve summarised the coastal town’s top things to do according to locals and visitors. Can you think of any more?

1. Cromer Lifeboat Station

The Cromer RNLI is a fascinating example of how technology has shaped the way we monitor our region. For years, the Cromer RNLI has patrolled the Eastern coastline and been involved with a number of rescue missions. There are two boathouses in Cromer, and at the station you can discover the history of the lifeboats and any other events that might be going on.


2. Henry Blogg Museum

Following on from the Cromer Lifeboat Station, the Henry Blogg Museum is dedicated to the most decorated lifeboatman in RNLI history. Again an intriguing and vital part of Cromer’s costal history, the museum takes visitors through the exceptional 53 year long career of Henry Blogg who saved over 873 lives from the North Sea.


3. Cromer Pier

The icon of Cromer, the Cromer Pier, has been attracting visitors to the town for decades. Visiting it is often a generational tradition, and an array of shows, events, and public attractions still continuing to light up the Pier in a magical way. It is also home to a popular restaurant/bar and gift shop, making it the ideal destination for a family day out.


4. Cromer Beach

English beaches may not have the best reputation in the world thanks to our unpredictable English weather. However, come rain or shine, a walk on the idyllic beach in Cromer is still yet unmatched. The pristine sea is also popular amongst surfers and swimmers, who can take advantage of the Norfolk waves.


5. Amazona Zoo

As the name suggests, Amazona Zoo is home to an exotic collection of South American wildlife. Over 200 tropical animals are on display, including jaguars, monkeys, snakes, flamingos, and the adorable tapirs. For the younger visitors, there is an indoor play-area, as well as an outside play-area, rainforest springs, and two large jumping pillows for everyone else to have fun on. You’re sure to have hours of excitement exploring the different animal species and various activities.


6. Cromer Parish Church

Besides the usual quiet space for prayer, Cromer Church also has a tower that visitors are welcome to climb for a small charge. Open 6 days a week (closed on Sundays) the tower offers some lovely views of Cromer and the far-reaching North Sea.


7. Cromer Museum

Cromer Museum takes visitors on a journey through the history of the costal town, exhibiting both it’s geographical and social importance to the UK. Fascinating fossils can be found, including Britain’s oldest and most complete mammoth fossil. You will also find out about the life and history of the humble Cromer fisherman, who hold great recognition in this part of the region. Follow Cromer through its intriguing, often turbulent timeline, to the present day town you know and love.


8. Cromer Cinema

Sometimes it’s nice instead to just sit back and enjoy a good film. Luckily, Cromer is home one of the regions most popular cinemas - the Regal Movieplex Cinema at Hans Place. Here, you can find a great selection of the latest action blockbusters for you and family to enjoy, or perhaps gripping romance-drama to watch on your own is more your style?


9. Cromer Independent Shops

In the age of consumerism and brand culture, finding an appealing independent shop can be rare. Luckily, Cromer has gone through a ‘local-shop’ revival in recent years, and many residents and visitors still enjoy the community supported local businesses. There are more practical shops for your everyday needs, as well as gift shops and cafes for when you feel like a spot of retail therapy There is something so uniquely rewarding about shopping locally and supporting established family businesses.

10. Cromer Amusements

Now would a trip to the seaside really be complete without spending some coppers at the pier amusements? Gather your pennies and spend hours trying to win a cheap prize you’ll probably never use again, because – let’s face it - that’s what being British and by the sea is all about. You can find these amusements just opposite the pier in Cromer.

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